Corporate visa services has a number of special products to offer its business clients. You can count on our availability. We act as your personal contact person and we live up to what we promise. The visa documents we supply also largely pass through an automated application process to prevent issues when copying details. We also perform manual checks on submitted details to ensure the entire procedure goes smoothly.

Corporate management system

We can also offer you a number of interesting options involving integration. We have our own system in place for you to store employee details and thus save time on visa applications. This system is operational 24/7. For certain countries and in consultation, we can supply the visa within fifteen minutes. This is also a 24/7 service. In addition, our system comes built-in with smart notifications. Has the passport or visa of one of your employees nearly expired? We will let you know. You can then extend the visa immediately.


You can also integrate or link our products with your own systems. This can be achieved via a technical interconnection or other means. Please contact us to discuss available options. Our motto is: If we do not have it, we will get it.


Interested? Corporate clients may call us at: 085-3031280 or send an email directly to Mr. Peters: