Myanmar - Apply for visa - step 1/2

Let op: Myanmar verwerkt van 2 november tot en met 5 november geen visa. Visa die zijn aangevraagd worden vanaf 6 november weer verwerkt.

Application form Myanmar visa

Please enter your details below. Copy them carefully from your passport. You have to apply for a visa for all travellers in your party. You can do this simultaneously by pressing on "add traveller" below. You only need to fill out the general details once.

Questions about your trip

Please indicate how you will be arriving in Myanmar (please choose one of the location in the drop-down menu below). Please also provide your accommodation details in Myanmar.

Visa type

Please select the purpose of your trip: tourism or business. If you select business, please provide the additional details required for a business trip.

Arranged tour

If you are going on an arranged tour, please provide the name and telephone number of the tour operator/travel agent arranging your trip.

Business details

Please provide the requested details below. Company name for your company name, company phone number is your phone number. You must also upload the letter of invitation from a company in Myanmar. You are also required to upload the company's Chamber of Commerce registration in Myanmar. For clarification, this is not your company, but the company inviting you. Furthermore, this company will have had to be operational for at least six months.

By clicking "check application", you certify that the above is true and correct to the extent of your knowledge. You also certify to agree with the general terms and conditions and privacy disclaimer.

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