All you need to know about the India visa

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Do you have questions about the India visa? Keep reading to find out more....

There are two types of visa for India. You can apply for an electronic visa online (an e-visa) or opt for a physical visa, which is a sticker in your passport. Travellers on a business trip to India often opt for an online electronic visa, because it is faster and easier to apply for compared to the physical visa.

Do you want a physical visa? Then you will have to pick it up yourself at the Indian embassy.  When applying for a physical visa you can also request an appointment at the embassy of India. It is highly recommended to find out before your trip if you need to apply for a physical visa, or if an electronic visa that you request online is sufficient for your trip to India.

Where is the best place to apply for your visa?

Applying for an electronic visa for your trip to India

Via this website you can apply for your electronic visa for India. If you apply online, it's cheap, easy and you'll certainly get it faster than when you opt for the physical visa. You will receive the visa simply by email and there is no need to visit the embassy of India which you would otherwise have to do when applying for the physical visa.

If you meet the conditions for an electronic visa, it is wise to always wise to choose that over a physical visa. Is that stamp in your passport worth all the extra hassle and stress? There are three types of electronic visas for India: one for tourists (eTourist visa), one for travellers with a medical reason (eMedical visa) and one for people on a business trip (eBusiness visa). No matter which visa you need: the application procedures are the same for all three.

Conditions for an electronic visa for India

If you want to go for an electronic visa for India, you must meet the following conditions:

The maximum validity of the visa is 60 days, so you can not stay longer.

You have a tourist or business purpose.

You do not intend to study or live in India.

You do not join an Indian company.

When you arrive in India you already have a ticket for the return flight or another flight, as long as it is outside of India.

You have a new digital passport photo and a digital scan of your passport.

If you travel for business reasons you also need a scan of your business card, the information of your business and information of the business you intend to visit in India. If you are buying/selling/trading then India would like to know that too. 

You must print the electronic visa and keep it with your passport.

Finally, it is important that when you use an online application for an electronic visa, you must always arrive by air or sea at one of the following airports:




Bengaluru (Bangalore)

Calicut (Karipur)

Chennai (Madras)


Cochin (Kochi)

Coimbatore (Kovai)




Guwahati (Guwahati)

Hyderabad (Hyderabad)


Kolkata (Calcutta)



Mumbai (Bombay)


Pune (Poona)

Tiruchirapalli (Trichinopoly)

Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram)

Varanasi (Benares)

This is how you apply for the e-visa

Can you fully meet the conditions for applying for an online visa? Then you can easily apply for the visa online via this website. You fill in the application form, check your details and are finally asked to pay. The application will then be processed immediately.

Don’t meet all conditions? Or do you not arrive by plane or boat? Then you can not apply for an electronic visa for India and you have to go to the embassy to apply for a physical visa.

There are a number of physical visas for India

If you do not meet the conditions to apply for an online visa online for your trip to India, you must go to India's embassy for a physical visa. You will then receive a sticker in your passport. There are many types of physical visas and they all have different conditions. In addition, the delivery time and costs also differ. You can visit the embassy in the UK for the following physical visas:

Business visa

Conference visa

Diplomate visa

Visa for employment

Admission visa (for Indian citizens)

Journalist visa

Medical visa

Missionary visa

Research visa

Student visa

Tourist visa

Transit visa


Film visa

Someone from the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs handles all applications by hand, so it can take 2 to 4 days to get the visa. You will receive a confirmation in your mailbox. You have to print this out again and take it to India, because the customs can ask for it.

Request a visa for India from the embassy

If you do not meet the requirements to apply for an online visa for India online, you can visit the Embassy of India in the UK. They outsource the visa policy to VFS Global. How much the visa costs depends on the type of visa, you can read more about the price of a physical visa to India.

If you are going to ask for a physical visa, you will need two passport photos and a signed declaration stating that you are going to India only for the purpose that is in the visa. In addition, if you are a minor, you need a personal excerpt from the municipality's basic registration. Are you an entrepreneur? Then you have to take your extract from the Chamber of Commerce (Chamber of Commerce). It may be that more documents are needed, that depends on your situation.