Changes to the Indian e-visa.

02-05-2017 15:01, by

Keep informed on the changes to the Indian visa process!

There have been some recent changes to the Indian e-visa. These changes are all good however along with any change, you may find the applications more complex. The Indian Government has extended the length of stay allowed to 60 days. This is double the original length of stay on the e-visa. Not only has the length of stay been increased but so has the entries. The tourist e-visa is now a double entry e-visa, meaning you are able to enter India 2 times. This is again fantastic news if you plan on visiting one of the neighbouring countries. 

Along with these extensions there are 3 types of e-visas you can apply for; e-tourist visa, e-business visa and e-medical visa. Be sure you are applying for the correct e-visa before you travel. Depending on the e-visa you apply for you may be required to supply supporting documents for your application. For your Business e-visa you may be asked to supply your business card and the address of the company/business you are visiting. Please note if you do not supply the correct supporting documents your application may be rejected. The medical e-visa is a little different, with this e-visa you are able to enter India 3 times within the 60 day stay. You will be asked to provide supporting documents for your reasons to obtain a medical e-visa. These documents may be the invitation from the hospital you will be visiting. 

It is now possible to leave India via any transport means. This makes the e-visa far more flexible. Not only are you allowed to leave any way you prefer, the list of Airpots you can enter through has increased. There has also been some sea ports added into that growing list of accepted entrances with the e-visa. The prices of all three of these e-visas remain the same, you get more for your money as they say!

Over the past few months India has made leaps and bounds in the accessibility of their e-visa. For anyone eligible to apply for this service it is fantastic news. It wouldn’t be surprising if they keep up this momentum and keep improving their e-visa service. It must be noted, however, many British Citizens are enjoying this new and improved e-visa service India has to offer. That cannot be said for Indian citizens, they must continue with the traditional style of visa in order to enter the UK. As you can imagine this irritates some people. It will be interesting to see what the UK will do about this if anything after BREXIT. 

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