Erdogan Returns!

22-05-2017 12:18, by

Will Turkey finally join the exclusive EU club?

It is finally official, Erdogan is now not only the head of state in Turkey but also has now returned as leader of the AK Party. In a huge turn of events the referendum that was held in turkey finally granted the President to carry both roles. It was enforced as part of the conditions in order to be President, the candidate it not allowed to also lead a political party. Being involved with both could lead to a conflict of interests and allows too much power for one individual. Turkey and the new president and leader of the AK party disagreed with this outlook. 

Erdogan fist founded the AK party with Abdullah Gul back in 2001. They are what is considered a “far right political party”  It has been no secret that there has been tension over the past few months regarding Turkey and the EU. Turkey had been putting tremendous amounts of pressure on the EU, to give them visa free travel throughout Europe or they will release their hold on refugees in Turkey. The first agreements were that the EU would speed up Turkeys accession into the EU and grant visa free travel to Turkish nationals, in cooperation from Turkey with the refugee crisis. They had also requested financial aid from the EU to help deal with the extra influx of immigrants. The EU have been reluctant to say the least about allowing Turkey visa free travel without first meeting all the requirements to join. 

Just weeks ago even more fuel was added to the fire when Germany, Austria and The Netherlands refused Turkish MPS entry. The Turkish MPS wanted to talk to the citizens living in each of the countries about the referendum being held in Turkey. As many people know that did not bode well with the governments in Germany, Austria and The Netherlands. Many did not approve of foreign politicians campaigning in the respective countries. This resulted in a lot of school yard name calling which has since tainted the opinions of many involved. 

After what has seemed like a cooling down period, President Erdogan has started up again about joining the EU. Of course his main goal seems to be visa free travel for Turkish citizens. Before moving on from the topic it seems he would like an answer before taking matters into his own hands. It is still a hot topic for discussion and will be interesting to see what the EU will finally decide, as the final decision is ultimately the EUs.