Good guy Canada!

31-05-2017 11:20, by

Canada changing the way we feel about flight companies one day at a time!

As the summer holiday season approaches more and more people are taking to the sky. With more people in the air there is no doubt going to be some news about flights and the companies involved. Most recent to note is American airlines brutally dragging a passenger off their flight as it was over booked. The airline requested volunteers to give up their seat on the over booked flight for their staff, who had to work at the connecting airport the next day. The gentleman that was dragged off the flight refused as he had to be at work the next day himself. It’s clear to say that the result of an overbooked flight has shook the airline world and travellers alike. 

With this in mind Canada has decided to place a good foot forward and amend the way they deal with overbooked flights. New rules and procedures are hoping to  be put in place to ensure that people are treated like people and not numbers. They have insisted that when a Canadian citizen purchases a flight ticket it will be expected that the airline will provide the service that was purchased. If the flight is overbooked or there are complication the customer will receive compensation and clear outlines of what will happen and how. It has also been specified that in overbooked flight cases children will be seated near a parent or guardian with no extra cost. 

Legislation will also provide the Canadian airlines with more access to investment capital. The restrictions on international ownership would be raised from 25 % to 49%. As it stands at the moment a single international investor or investment agency can only obtain 25%. The increase would most definitely be more appealing to investors. 

If the Canadian parliament approve of the new rules and regulations that have been drafted then they would come into effect in 2018. It most certainly will help travellers feel more confident when choosing their flights. If people know there will be specific guidelines followed and appropriate compensation, not forgetting to mention treatment. People will react quiet differently in the sometimes unforeseeable complications that accompanies flying. 

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