Heading to Turkey- your checklist.

29-06-2018 16:10, by

All you need before you pack your bags and head off to Turkey!

Turkey is back on the maps for a summer holiday destination. After falling prey to terrorist attacks and being under a state of emergency for quite some time, peace is slowly being restored to the middle east. Even though it has not been declared 100% safe for travel British holidaymakers can’t seem to keep away from the Turkish paradise. How could you? 

What you need to make sure before your holiday bubble is broken are a few minor details which could very quickly put an end to your Turkish delights. Don’t worry though, here at e-visums we have your back and have compiled a checklist for you to go through to make sure you don’t miss that last call!

First things first, you will need a passport! If you ever want to board your flight from the UK you should make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months. That is the magic number! When you arrive in Turkey if you passport is not valid for 6 months they can refuse you entry. It also good to note that anyone who would be travelling with you, be it children teenagers or even new born babies. Everyone needs to have a valid passport. Even your cat! 

Now you have checked that your passport is valid there is some more paperwork involved before you can jump on your flight or even pack your suit case. The dreaded VISA.

Turkey have for a while now had the e-visa system in place. The e-visa is completely online and you do not have to queue up at an embassy and wait for weeks before you find out if you are able to travel. Mostly your visa is granted within the hour or at least within 48 hours. In some cases it can take longer, the time frame is at the discretion of the Turkish government. Everyone who has their own passport requires a visa.  

More details about the visa. 

When you apply for your Turkey visa with us (e-visums) we do our best to provide a fast and reliable service. For a small fee your application is checked through our systems for the most common error/typos. You also have someone to contact for peace of mind. The e-visa we provide is the official document and it comes with a smile! You can pay on our website with your usual Debit/Credit card, PayPal and bank transfer. If you need an urgent application simply ask! Tick the box “Urgent” when you apply and it will be fast tracked to the Turkish government! We won’t bore you with all the details and conditions, you can read them here. If you want to work in Turkey, don’t waste your money on an e-visa you simply can’t work in Turkey with an e-visa.  Working in Turkey is a whole other visa process and you should apply via the embassy. We have wrote a brief overview of the work permits for Turkey.

Your e-visa is valid for 180 days with a total of 90 days in which you can be in Turkey. These 90 days can be split over the 180 days or used in one trip. Just don’t overstay on your visa, who knows what can happen in foreign prison! 

Medication and important documents?

If you are on a prescription medication it is always best to consult your doctor and check out the UK Gov website which medications you are able to travel with. In most cases you will have to take a letter/written proof that you require the medication. It is always best to take some basic health care products with you such as: Mosquito repellent (one which contains DEET is best) Dioralyte, your usual shampoos/gels/toiletries, sun block and after sun is a must! It can get super hot in Turkey (of course you knew that already!) . It is best to take things which you use on a day to day basis (glasses/contacts, nose sprays, anti histamines etc) Keep any electronic devices and car keys/house keys safe. Most hotel rooms contain a safe for you to store these types of items. 

If you are driving in Turkey you should make sure you have the relevant documents and insurance's.  When renting a car you will need a credit card and enough available for the deposit. A good tip is to take extra photos of the car you rent incase of disputes! 

There you have it! A checklist of the essentials when you decide to head to Turkey!