India new travel hotspot!

23-03-2017 16:48, by

India on route to be the new travel hotspot

With things heating up between Turkey and the EU and Trump being in the news every 5 minuets with new travel bans it is no wonder that tourism has dropped. Just as well for India as it has seen an increase in tourism since facilitating the e-visa system. There is no bad news about India and this attracts tourists, the Indian government should use this time wisely to promote their e-visa system and encourage tourism. 

Foreign tourism growth since 2016 has been in the region of 10.7% and according to CAGR in 2015 it was around 4.5%. The easier e visa system and lack of bad news seems to be the perfect cocktail for a holiday destination. Not only has the e visa increased tourists, it has also assisted business travellers in need of a quick fix visa. 

India should be concerned as Sri Lanka is also in a powerful position for tourists, this should not deter the Indian government to promote India as the new travel hotspot. This is a golden period where all domestic air travel has noticed an increase in 23% since 2016. There is plenty of room for all up and coming tourist destinations to have a piece of the travel pie so to speak.

There is a lot India can do to improve its position in the Air Traffic industry. It can take what seems to be an age for new air ports to implement all the right procedures and have all the permissions in place. They could look at improving current air ports by speeding up taxi-ing from the planes to adding more security check outs to make it a smoother process once leaving your plane. Small changes like these can improve a holiday makers comfort and ease the pain associated with air ports. 

The ball is in Indias court and it is all to play for. When will you be booking your holiday to India?