More terrifying changes could be on the horizon for US visa programs.

04-05-2017 11:42, by

Concerning photo on twitter causes sparks for debate.

It has been two days since the EU has ruled out the plans to stop offering visa free travel to US passport holder. The reasoning was that a decision can be made via a more diplomatic approach, in regards to the 5 countries in the EU that still require a visa. If only the same can be said for the US and their potential plans for US visa programmes. 

A photo had been put on twitter of Steve Bannon and Rabbi Shuley. What is interesting about this picture isn’t the people smiling for the camera. When you look at the background of this picture you notice there is a white board with a very intimidating list. This isn't someone that has had to write lines after school for detention. This list is rumoured to state some or most of the points the Trump administration want to tackle.

When looking closely at the list you can see the following point: “Sunset our visa laws so that Congress is forced to revise and revisit them.” In a nutshell what this statement could mean is if the current president of the US signs an executive order: Congress may have to pass new laws in regards to visa renewals and new visa applications. If Congress do need to pass new laws relating to the visa programmes they may be far more strict than at this moment in time. It could mean that current foreign workers who are using the US visa schemes may not be able to renew their visas. 

This potential order can cause chaos not only for the US but for all foreign workers and even may affect the travel visa program. All of these points may be speculation at the moment but what does lead people to this train of thought is the other points on the white board. There are several points listed which have already been actioned or attempted to be actioned via executive orders. This makes it an easy train to jump on. Another alternative is that these are just many points of a brain storm session and not all of them will be followed up. Only time will tell if the white board in the background holds any significance to the future of the US visa schemes.