The road for Turkeys Visa free travel is taking a turn for the worse.

21-03-2017 16:31, by

The longer the feud between Turkey and the EU continues, the harder it will be if negotiations for Turkeys visa free travel and entry into the EU continue.

More and more resentment between the EU and turkey continues to grow as the Turkish referendum approaches. 

Turkey are now reviewing relations between the EU as they believe the European Union are Facist and anti-islam. 

There was uproar when Germany and The Netherlands denied the political rallies for the Turkish referendum to be taken place in each country. There have been comments from the German government stating that the Turkish president and his government are not welcome. Turkey is under the impression that the EU need them more than they need the EU, many people will disagree. Turkey applied for EU membership in 2005 and has been moving at a snails pace to even come close to the requirements to join, and have said they will no longer be threatened with the application. The EU still expect Turkey to hold up their end of the deal in regards to refugees and illegal immigrants entering the EU via Turkey, this is not looking like it would be adhered to. 

It would very much seem as though Turkey will not be able to receive visa free travel through Europe if they do not comply with the EU membership regulations. Not only will they not receive the Visa free travel, tensions and resentment between current EU members and Turkey may lead to several countries denying Turkey membership. 

Only time will tell, it will be interesting to see how the Turkish referendum turns out and if a relationship can be salvaged with the EU.