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All you need to know about your Canadian ETA!

It is alway a confusing process when it comes to governments. No matter what you need from them there is always some complex process you have to go through in order to get what you are after. Don’t worry too much though, here at e-visums we like to keep you informed and up to date on all things e-visa related! 

On of the questions you may have will be WHO needs an eTA for Canada. That answer isn’t always as straight forward as you would expect. Of course this is a governmental product so it will never be as easy as 1,2,3. If you are flying to Canada the likelihood of you requiring an eTA is quite high. If you are a Diplomat, Aeronautical and cabin crew or you have a valid visa or permanent residence permit for Canada you do not need an eTA. If you are unsure if you should apply for an eTA you can always contact us and we will be happy to check for you.

Now if you have found out you need an eTA for Canada, what are you actually getting? An eTA is an electronic travel authorisation. It’s kind of like a visa but not in a tradition sense. Most people think of visas as something you need to live somewhere which is true. Being part of the EU opens a lot of doors for travel where all you need is your Passport but not all countries in the world work this way.  For a lot of countries a travel permit or travel authorisation is required before you enter a country. 

You need to make sure you book your eTA for Canada in advance. The eTA for Canada is valid for 5 years, so if you are going away in 3 years you could in theory book it.  What you don’t want to do is wait until the day or so before you fly to Canada to then book your eTA. It can happen that the Canadian government needs addition information from you which you may not be able to provide on time. Be safe and book your eTA around a month in advance, that way you will have time to relax before you fly. We do offer an express service which 99% of the time the Canadian eTA is delivered within 15 minuets, however this should only be used in case of emergencies. 

You can book your Canadian eTA in many place online. We provide a service, we assist you with your application and make sure there are no errors/typos. The Government sites can always be more complex and not easy to get through. Our forms are simple and straightforward to understand. With a comprehensive FAQ and constant customer support should you need it that is what you pay for when booking your visas via our site. 

Not everyone requires assistance with their applications which is exactly why we always have a link to the official governmental sites should you wish to apply directly. You need to make sure when you do book through and agency such as ourselves that the website is secure. If you can easily find the contact us page on the site you can send an email with any queries you may have. Alternatively you can call, it’s always best to be safe. 

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