Conditions for traveling with an E-visa:

The Sri Lankan government has set a number of criteria in order to travel with an e-visa. If you do not meet the conditions and choose to travel with an evisa the travel document in question is void and there may be harsh consequences.

Our advice:

Read carefully the conditions below drawn up by the Department of Immigration and Emigration and ask yourself if you meet all obligations. This way you can prevent problems and you can enjoy an undisturbed holiday and / or business trip.

E-Visa (ETA) or physical visa?

We emphasize once again that the conditions below relate to the visas applied for online: the e-visa or ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization). If you do not meet the conditions for applying for an ETA, you should contact one of Sri Lanka's consulates for the application of a physical visa. See below heading: 'Addresses'


Embassy of the DSR Sri Lanka
13 Hyde Park Gardens
London W2 2LU
Sri Lanka High Commission

British High Commission Colombo
389 Bauddhaloka Mawatha
Colombo 00700
Sri Lanka
British High Commission based in Sri Lanka

The conditions apply to the traveler, the trip, the travel documents and the financial means, the application for the visa and the duration of the trip.

The conditions:

The traveler, who applies for an ETA, must comply with the following conditions:

  • Is not a journalist or a diplomat
  • Is not a participant in media or journalistic meetings, conferences or seminars
  • Does not have a passport issued by Singapore, the Maldives or the Seychelles
  • Is not a member of the crew with whom the trip was made
  • Has no visa in his possession and is not present in Sri Lanka
  • Is not an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) employee or affiliated with it.
  • Does not make professional media productions such as documentaries (not even in the home country)
  • Does not provide other services to organizations, which are located in Sri Lanka, than the services described in the visa
  • Does not provide services to organizations other than those described in the visa.

The trip, with the online visa applied for, must meet the following conditions:
  • The trip is a holiday and / or business trip with a visit to family and friends
  • The journey does not serve a political purpose. Political meetings may not be visited. Journalistic activities are also not allowed.
  • No volunteer work is done: paid or unpaid.
  • The duration of the trip is a maximum of 30 days or 90 days if an extension is granted. Read here for a detail explanation about extending your visa

The traveler must have the following documents and financial resources:
  • One is obliged to be in possession of a return ticket or a transit ticket to another country
  • If this other country also has a visa requirement, the traveler must be in possession of that visa
  • Demonstrate that sufficient financial resources are available. The minimum amount is $ 15 per day
  • The visa application describes the purpose of the visa. The traveler may only use the visa for that purpose.

The traveler who submits an application must meet the following conditions:
  • Must have a valid passport (including minors!) That is valid for at least six months after arrival in Sri Lanka
  • If you apply for a visa for another person, you must have the passport data of that other person and have his / her permission
  • If not all parents of minors travel along, you must have a signed declaration of consent from both parents

For the sake of completeness:
  • It is not necessary that you have discussed a place of residence in Sri Lanka
  • It is not necessary that you have already booked a ticket when you apply for a visa

The applicant's own responsibility:

This means that the supplied data is checked for errors and that the data provided is complete and truthful, with special attention being given to the passport number, the nationality and the birth dates. These must be filled in correctly otherwise access will not be granted to Sri Lanka. If you discover errors in your application before your journey begins, you must submit a completely new application, pay it and wait for approval before you can travel. If your passport does not meet the conditions, request a new passport as soon as possible. After receipt you can apply for a new visa. In the unlikely event that you have applied for a visa with the incomplete passport, you must submit a completely new application. The old visa applied for is then invalid. We would like to point out that after the visa has been submitted and paid, no changes can be made to the details entered. Also the payment can not be reversed regardless of the reason such as rejection of the application, non-use of the e-visa or invalidity due to incorrectly supplied data.

Duration of an application:

If you have booked your flight ticket early, you can submit a visa application directly with us. If your journey starts in more than 90 days, your application will be put on hold. Exactly 90 days before arrival the application will be processed. This is completely automatic. This service is related to the fact that the Department of Immigration & Emigration processes only requests from travelers who arrive in Sri Lanka within 90 days of the application.