The validity period of the visa:

In the chapter Sri Lanka conditions you can read what you have to comply with in order to be able to apply for a valid travel document. We have put together the text below so you can find out more about extending your visa and the validity periods for your Sri Lanka eTA.

Standard eTA applications:

Tourists, business travelers and travelers who use Sri Lanka airports for a transfer can apply for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) with a standard validity period of 180 days within the 180 days you must enter Sri Lanka. Once you enter you have 30 days in which you are allowed to stay. We would like to point out that when you apply for the visa, you are asked about the planned arrival date. The traveler may deviate from this but if you do not enter Sri Lanka within 180 days the visa is no longer valid. Remember, this is a double entry visa you are able to leave and re-enter Sri Lanka once within the 30 days of your arrival.

Extending your Sri Lanka visa:

If you want to stay longer than the standard 30 days in Sri Lanka, this can be requested after arrival at the Immigration Services Center in Colombo (No.330, Galle Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka, tel. + 94-727-591-591) . This extension can be up to 90 days, read more about it in our complete guide. A brief overview of extending your visa: You will be asked for your address and you will need to fill in an extension form and hand in a passport photo. In case of an extension of a business trip, an employer's statement is required that the extension is necessary. A condition for this is that the passport of the person concerned must be valid for at least two months after departure from Sri Lanka. A requested second extension of 90 days is very rare. Either option must be handled personally by the person concerned. Important! We do not guarantee that an application will be extended.

When does a visa lose its validity?

If travelers exceed the date in the passport, there is a risk that they will be excluded for future applications. They even risk fines, arrest and are sometimes expelled. This applies to multiple violations of the visa conditions. The immigration service of Sri Lanka is entitled to suspect the validity of visas without giving any reason and may refuse travelers on arrival.

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