Turkish Consulate

Turkish Consulate

The Turkish Consulate can be located in London, UK

Visa Turkey application at the Turkish consulate

Do you want to travel to Turkey but do not meet the conditions of the e-Visa for Turkey ? Then you may be able to apply for a visa at the Turkish consulate. Please note that applying for a visa through the consulate takes longer than requesting a e-Visa for Turkey . In addition, the costs are higher and you have to travel to the consulate to receive your visa. Are you eligible for the e-visa for Turkey? Request your visa directly via this website.

If you do not qualify for the e-visa for Turkey, we advise you to contact the Turkish consulate in the UK. You can only visit the Turkish consulate by appointment. You can apply for your visa application at the consulate in London.

Request your visa directly for Turkey

Contact details for Turkish consulate in London

Turkish consulate London
Rutland Lodge Rutland Gardens
Knightsbridge London SW7 1BW
020 7591 6900

Turkish embassy or Turkish consulate?

Both the embassy and the consulates are representations of the government abroad. However, there are a number of important differences.

The Turkish embassy is a diplomatic representation of the Turkish government in The United Kingdom. The embassies are engaged in the major diplomatic tasks. The Turkish consulates carry out smaller diplomatic tasks such as the provision of official documents.

To apply for a visa for Turkey, you can not turn to the embassy, you must make an appointment at a Turkish consulate.