Visa expired?

Turkey visa expired?

If your Turkish visa has expired, you must apply for a new visa. You must be in possession of a valid visa and valid passport when entering Turkey. If your old visa is still valid, it is not necessary to wait for the visa t expire before applying for a new visa if needed.

Suppose your old visa is still valid for two weeks, but if you want to stay longer than these two weeks, you can simply request a new visa . This then has a longer validity of a 180 days of which you can stay for a maximum of 90 consecutive days.

NOTE: We regularly get the question whether a visa for Turkey can be bought while they are already in Turkey. Unfortunately, that is not possible. You will have to be outside Turkey to buy a new visa. If you want to stay longer in Turkey without having to buy a new visa then we recommend that you extend your Turkey visa.

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Posible reasons for your Turkey visa to expire

Below you will see which circumstances can occur for a Turkish visa to expire. If you have any questions about an expired visa, please contact us by phone or e-mail contact us .

  • If the 180-day validity has expired (You can see where you see it on the example visa)
  • We issue a tourist visa, if you go to Turkey for a purpose other than a tourist or a short-term business traveler, you can be denied access.
  • If you aim to work in Turkey, you will also be denied access. The visa is only suitable for tourist purposes. You can learn more about working or doing business in Turkey on the working visa information page .
  • If you are going to study in Turkey, you can not use the visa.
  • If your travel documents are not valid for long enough, the visa is not valid. Your passport may not expire.
  • If you are staying in Turkey for more than 90 days (this may be in a journey or multiple trips added together).

In the end, the Turkish immigration service always has the right to deny you access to Turkey in case of doubt and to have your visa declared invalid by Turkey. This often happens when there are compelling circumstances such as a criminal offense. The Turkish Immigration Service does not need to state why your visa is being withdrawn.

As a visa organization, however, we have not yet experienced that a visa for Turkey has been withdrawn at the border. If you know that there are no compelling reasons to deny you access to Turkey, you can assume that nothing is wrong.

Turkish residence permit

There are several ways to amend or change your visa for another purpose. You should always visit the local consulate yourself to see what the possibilities are. We explain everything about applying for this on our page about Turkish residence permits .

Turkey visa expired?

If you want to stay in Turkey longer than your visa is valid, you will have to renew your visa for Turkey. You will at least have to go to the headquarters of the local police in Turkey. You can always check whether the reason for your longer stay can be changed. You can then, for example, opt for a residence permit. If you happen to be in Turkey and the visa has expired then always go to the local police to indicate that the visa has expired.

May you be in Turkey if your visa expires?

You must NOT be in Turkey if your current visa has expired, this can cause problems if you leave Turkey again. If you are outside of Turkey, you can purchase a new visa at any time. Even if you have not used the allotted time of the old visa, you can still buy a new visa. There is no limit for Turkey on the number of applications you can do.

Unauthorized use of your visa

It is strictly forbidden to use the tourist visa for purposes other than those for which it is valid. Example: You can not work in Turkey with a tourist visa, study in Turkey, or live in Turkey. We also strongly advise against using the visa for Turkey for other purposes, only use it for which it is suitable. If you have questions about a disapproved visa, please contact the Turkish consulate. A reason for rejection is unfortunately not known.