Visa requirements

Visa requirement for Turkey

Since 2014 there is a visa requirement for Turkey. For British tourists who want to travel to Turkey, there is a visa requirement. This means that you must have an approved visa beforehand. You can now easily apply for a visa for Turkey .

Online visa

In the past, travelers going to Turkey could still get a visa on the plane or on arrival. Often there was a long line upon arrival at the visa desks. Tourists and business travelers could then simply buy a visa on the spot. They paid a small fee for this and they could enter Turkey without any problems. The Turkish government decided in 2014 that this should be different. Obtaining the visa on the spot caused long queues and frustrated travelers. In principle, the digital visa has the same conditions as the previous visa that was issued on the spot. Now it is mandatory that this visa should already be in possession before the start of the flight. You can now easily apply for a Turkish visa online. This can be done at an intermediary as well as at the official website of the Turkish government.

For whom does the visa requirement apply?

There are two types of visas for Turkey. The digital tourist visa and the regular visa are issued via the Turkish consulate . If you want to be considered for a regular visa, please contact one of the embassies. Turkish nationalities themselves do not need a visa to travel to Turkey. You must then have a valid Turkish passport. All other persons who do not have Turkish nationality are then subject to the visa requirement for Turkey. Keep an eye on; Not everyone needs a visa for Turkey. Here special agreements have been made for each nationality. For example, Moroccan nationalities do not need a tourist visa to travel to Turkey. If you are not sure whether your nationality needs a visa contact us via our free phone number.

Is an e-visa required?

For tourists and business visits, those with the British nationality must have an E-visa for Turkey. You can submit these easily and quickly via the application form. You can easily pay with Debit/Credit card or PayPal. After we have checked your application, we will process your visa request. After we have received approval from Turkey, we will provide you with the e-visa by mail or by post. We have written out a number of things for you so that you can easily read all the information yourself:

Are you not eligible for the visa for Turkey?

If you are not eligible for the E-visa for Turkey and one of the headings below applies to you, you will have to go to the Turkish consulate to apply for a regular visa. If your e-visa is rejected and the options below do not apply to you, there may be another reason that you were denied it. You can then receive more information via the Turkish consulate.

  • You are going to work in Turkey
  • You are going to live in Turkey
  • You are going to study in Turkey

Always a visa for Turkey

Turkey has a visa requirement, you can never enter Turkey without being in possession of a visa. If you travel to Turkey without a visa, you will be denied access. We advise you not to travel to Turkey without a visa and to ensure that you always have it before you start your journey.