The ESTA urgent requests

If you are traveling on very short notice to America you can choose for an urgent request  ESTA (Electronic System for Travel authorization).  We handle your urgent request with priority. Often the urgent request is granted after 15 minutes.
We recommend that you request your ESTA as soon as possible so you can be sure of an approved ESTA when you leave for the United States. However, it may happen that you need an ESTA on short term. For example,  you have booked a flight that departs within 72 hours and you were not aware  that an ESTA is mandatory for America. In order to obtain an ESTA on time you can apply for an urgent request.

How do I apply for an urgent request ESTA?

 If you apply for an urgent request you have to fill in the ESTA form on our website. Under the heading of ‘ Urgent request’, check ‘emergency’.

Urgent request

If desired, we can process your urgent request . Your visa will be requested by us within 15 minutes. For most countries, this means that you will receive the visa within one hour. The costs for an urgent request are € 9.95 per person

After we have received your request and payment we take it directly in our ‘ 15-minute treatment ’ .The American authorities receive our request within 15 minutes. You will receive your ESTA within one hour but more often within a quarter of an hour by email.
It is not necessary to have your ESTA printed on you . Both the airline and customs can ask the ESTA digital on screen with your passport number.

Please note that the U.S. Government always has the right to 72 hours for the review of your request.

The urgency procedure has a surcharge of € 9.95 per person.

Check your request

After you submitted your urgent request and paid for it is not possible to make changes. Please check your information carefully before you complete your application. Please check if  there are no errors in your personal information and that your passport is valid for your ESTA request. In case of errors you can apply again for a new ESTA. Unfortunately you have to pay again. If your requests are rejected, please contact the U.S. Embassy or the American Consulate. With questions you can always contact us. We will be happy to help.


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