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Vietnam: The electronic visa valid for both the tourist and business traveller

 Since 1 February 2017 the Vietnamese Government has decided to introduce the e-visa. An online application process that travelers to Vietnam can use for  applying  a visa to travel to Vietnam. The e-visa is the replacement for the ' visa on arrival '. The Vietnamese Government has many warnings going out not to use the ' visa on arrival ' any longer. The Vietnamese Embassy does not guarantee anymore that travellers with a ' visa on arrival ' will be able to continue their journey trouble-free.

An important reason for introducing the e-visa was to facilitate access for travellers to Vietnam. The other reasons were the faster handling and improved control over who enters the country.

Note: it’s still possible to go to Vietnam with a so-called ’visa on arrival’. In contrast with the Vietnamese wishes several websites still enable the ‘visa on arrival’ by delivering the ‘approval letter’ needed at the custom desk in Vietnam where you have to pay the ‘ stamping fee’.

Who needs a Vietnam e-Visa ?

There are various visas issued by the Vietnamese Government. So it is possible ( until 30 June 2021) for British nationals who have a full ‘British passport’ to travel and enter Vietnam without a visa for a tourist or business trip up to 15 days. If you have another type of British nationality ( British national overseas ) you need a visa to enter Vietnam!

Starting from 2017 the Vietnamese Government demands an e-visa  for all British citizens to travel to Vietnam for visits up to 30 days. To obtain this e- visa you’ll have to meet the requirements set by the Vietnamese Government. We don’t pretend to have all the requirements. If you’re in doubt and have questions about the entry requirements we advise you to contact the Vietnamese Embassy in London.

If you want to visit Vietnam longer than 30 days or if you want a multiple entry visa you’ll have to get a visa from the Vietnamese Embassy.

If you arrive at the island Phu Quoc first you can choose the 15 day visa free Vietnam-wide visa or a visa free entry for up to 30 days. If you choose the 15 day visa you can visit the mainland as normal. But if you choose the 30 day visa you cann’t travel to the mainland because it’s only valid for the island. If you want to travel  elsewhere in Vietnam you need a visa from the Immigration office in Phu Quoc. If you visit another country in between and you return later to Vietnam you can apply for a 15 day visa again.

Children of Vietnamese nationals or spouses can apply for a visa exemption. That certificate is valid for 5 years and allows multiple entries. You’ll have to contact the Vietnamese Embassy.

If the Vietnamese Government talks about ' travelers ' they mean people from outside Vietnam who want to visit Vietnam for reasons such as: tourism, business reasons, visiting family or friends, individuals who want to do investments, journalists, people who want to work in VietNam, persons in diplomatic service.

Please read our chapter ' The Conditions '. There you can read more about the requirements you’ll have to meet for appying for an e-visa and about the conditions you must meet if you travel with minors. You also can read about the requirements concerning your passport and photo.

The e-visa are accepted at all international airports in Vietnam. There are no exceptions. If you enter  Vietnam by land the following border places are authorized to let you in: Nam Can, Song Tien, Tinh Bien, Xa Mat, Mong Cai, Moc Bai, Lao Bao, Ha Tien, Huu Nghi, Cau Treo, Cha Lo, Bo Y, Lao Cai. If you are coming by ship to Vietnam you can use the following ports: Ho Chi Minh City, Quy Nhon, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Hon Gai, Vung Tau.

Vietnam has visa exemptions of 15 days for the following countries: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, South Korea, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

 The application

At any time that suits you, you can use this website for your e-visa applications. First you fill out the application form online and make your payment. Then  upload your passport scan and your passport photo. We check your application on any errors and we will contact you if there are any inaccuracies found. Is your e-visa application granted we will sent this e-visa to you by mail. You should print it out and put it in your hand luggage.


On our website,,  you can apply for a visa 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is also possible  to request your e-visa  months before departure.

British Embassy Hanoi

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British Consulate General Ho Chi Minh City

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