Application procedure visa Vietnam

Apply for your tourist or business e-visa for Vietnam:

Before you submit your apply for an e- visa Vietnam, we advise you to read the required terms and conditions for access to Vietnam with a tourist or business e-visa. You must meet all of the requirements to obtain an e-visa for Vietnam. Check the terms and conditions and if you are in doubt, please contact us or the Vietnamese Embassy in London, Victoria Road 12-14, London W8-5rd, United Kingdom. Telephone: ( +44) 20 7937 1912.

We recommend you to submit your apply for an e- visa Vietnam in time. Our business partners say it is possible to arrange this within a week before your departure. However a mistake is easily made: your trip may be delayed!

On our website you can  apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week your online tourist or business e-visa. In addition to completing the application form, you should also scan a passport and upload a passport photo. Before filling the form make sure that you have the following documents at hand:  your passport and the passports of your fellow travellers, your passport photo, your  credit or debit card,  your email address, your hotel information, your Vietnamese travel agency,  the arrival and departure date of your current travel, your arrival location.

Check if your passport and photo meet the requirements and that the scan isn’t unclear or damaged! Is that the case the Vietnam authorities will not accept the scan and won’t approve your visa. You’re obliged to apply for a new visa for your own account!

The e-visa application form consists of four parts:

  • In the first section ‘General Details’ you will be asked to fill in the General data such as the contact details (email address and telephone number) and the date of arrival. This contact information should be filled out once even if you are requesting visa for multiple travelers. The data of the person who fills in, is leading. Check all information for accuracy. Errors can slow down the application. The phone number acts as contact point for any input errors and after award, this number is approached. The address you must fill, has the same function. If the the requested visa are granted they will be sent to you by email. You must print them out and put them in your hand luggage.
  • In the second part ‘ Order Details’ there are questions about your travel details. This also should be filled in only once even if you request visa for multiple travelers. They ask for : your return date, your arrival and departure location, the adress of your accommodation and the city where you stay.
  • In the third part ‘Traveler 1’ you will be asked for general details such as your nationality, your gender, your first names and last name and your date of birth and religion.
  • In the fourth part ‘Passport Details’ you’ll have to fill in your passport information. Questions will be asked about the issue date of your passport, your document number, the expiration date of your passport. You also need to select your photo identification and passport scan here.
  • If  you’re applying visa for a groupe of travellers then you must apply for each        participant individually. With each new traveler you must click the ' Traveler + ' button. Warning: don't make any mistakes in adopting the data. If the Vietnam authorities discover a mismatch your application will not be accepted. You’ll have to apply for a new e- visa for your own account.

After you have entered and checked everything, click on the check button ' Check Application '. If you have made an error you can correct it now.

After your upload of passport scan and photo identification and after receiving your payment, we will check your request on any errors. If everything is in order we will order your request. Within 72 hours, we receive your e-Visa and send it to your email address.

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