Expired Turkish visa

 Expired Turkish e- visa?

If your Turkish e- visa has expired then you should apply for a new e- visa. You must be in possession of a valid e- visa and a valid passport if you want to enter Turkey. If you have an old e- visa that still has his validity then it is not necessary to wait for applying for a new e- visa until the old one has expired.
For example, your old visa still has two weeks of validity but you want to stay your next visit longer than these two weeks. Then it’s possible to apply for a new e- visa. This new e- visa has a validity of 180 days with a length of stay up to 90 days.

Please note: we regularly get the question of whether an e- visa for Turkey can be purchased while one is already in Turkey. That is unfortunately not possible. You must apply for a new e- visa outside Turkey. If you wish to stay in Turkey longer than the length of stay of 90 days without buying a new e- visa we recommend that you extend your Turkish e- visa.

Causes for the expiration of your e- visa Turkey

 We have written out under what circumstances an e- visa for Turkey can expire. If you have any questions as a result of the following points about an expired visa then you can contact us .
The cause can be that the 180 days of validity has expires or you have a visa that is for another purpose for example you have an e- tourist visa and you are going to work, study or live in Turkye. Another cause can be that your stay is longer than the 90 days or that your passport expires in the meantime.
Eventually, the Turkish immigration service always has the right to deny your access to Turkey. This often happens if there are serious circumstances as a criminal offence. The Turkish immigration service do not need to give a reason why your e- visa is revoked.
We, however, have not yet experienced that an e-  visa for Turkey has been withdrawn at the border. If you know that there is no strong reasons to deny you access to Turkey, you can go on holiday and be sure you may pass the border.

Turkish residence permit

There are several ways to convert your e- visa Turkey for another purpose. You should always visit the local police to see what the possibilities are. On our page about residence permits we explain everything how to apply such a permit.

Is your Turkish e- visa expired?

If you want to stay in Turkey longer than your e- visa allows then you need to renew your e- visa for Turkey. In any case you should go to the local police in Turkey. You can always see if your stay can be extended. You can choose, for example, for a residence permit. If you are in Turkey and the visa is expired then always go to the local police to indicate that your e- visa has expired.

Are you allowed to be in Turkey if your e- visa expires?

You may not be in Turkey if your e- visa expires because this can cause problems if you want to leave Turkey. Are you outside Turkey then you can purchase a new visa at all times. There is no limit on the number of requests for an e- visa forTurkey.

Unauthorized use of your e- visa

It is strictly prohibited to use the tourist visa for other purposes than those for which it is valid. Example: with a tourist e- visa it’s not allowed to  work or study or live in Turkey. We recommend also to use the e- visa for Turkey only for which it is designed. If you have any questions about a rejected e- visa then you can contact the Turkish Consulate.

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