Work in Turkey

Work in Turkey. What kind of  visa do I need?

When you want to go to work in Turkey you need a visa for Turkey. The type of visa you need depends on the nature of your work, the duration of your stay and from whom you receive your payment.

Work in Turkey with an e-Visa

In some cases it’s allowed to work in Turkey with an e-visa. You can easily and quickly apply your e- visa online through this website. On this page you will find the conditions you must meet for an e-visa that allows you to work in Turkey. Don’t forget that you must meet all  conditions and requirements for this type of e- visa for Turkey!

The Conditions you must meet for working in Turkey with an e-visa:

To be eligible for this kind of e- visa for Turkey you must meet the following requirements:

 You are not employed by a Turkish organization but you are employed by an organization that is not located in Turkey. If you work for a company that has offices in Turkey but also in Holland or Belgian and your paid by the Dutch or Belgian part of the organization then this is also allowed. Further you must  be in the service of the same employer during your stay in Turkey and you don’t start a company in Turkey.  If you work for a Turkish organization and you receive money for it then this is only allowed when your Dutch or Belgian employer sends an invoice to the relevant Turkish organization.

In the following cases you will not be eligible for the e-visa for Turkey

You are going to be employed by a Turkish organization and you want to stay longer than 90 days in Turkey. Or  you receive money for your internships in Turkey or you are going to perform field research as archaeologist in Turkey or  you are going to make a documentary in Turkey.

If you meet the conditions for an e-visa for Turkey you can directly apply for an e- visa through this website.
If you do not meet the conditions for an e-visa for Turkey we advise you to contact the Turkish Consulate or the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They can inform you about the necessary documents and your visa application.

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