Visa requirements for Turkey

Visa requirements for Turkey

For Turkey there is a visa requirement since 2014. For the travelers with the British nationality who wish to travel to Turkey there is a visa requirement. This means that one should have an approved visa to travel to Turkey. Through our website it’s not difficult to  request a visa for Turkey. Cruise ship passengers don’t need a visa if they visit the port cities provided that the visit doesn’t exceed 72 hours.

Online visa

In the past, travelers to Turkey could get a visa in the plane or on arrival at the airport. Travelers to Turkey know the long lines for the visa counters where you could buy the visa. Tourists and business travelers could then simply buy a visa on the spot. We paid a small fee and one could go without problems into Turkey. The Turkish Government did not want that anymore. They wanted a new system for the visa handling. In principle, the digital visa has the same conditions as the previous visa which was issued on the spot. Now it is required that you have an e- visa before you go on board of the plane. One can now easily apply online Turkish visa.

To whom the e- visa concerns?

For Turkey there are two types of visa: the digital tourist visa and the regular visa that you must obtain throug the Turkish Consulate. If you want a regular visa then please contact us. If you have theTurkish nationality you do not need a visa to travel to Turkey. You only need a valid Turkish passport. All other persons who do not have the Turkish nationality must meet the visa requirements for Turkey. Please note: not everyone needs an e- visa for Turkey. Some countries have special arrangements with Turkey. Moroccan nationalities for example don’t need tourist visa to travel to Turkey. If you are unsure whether your nationality need a visa please contact us via our toll-free phone number.

E-visa required

The British nationalities need an e-visa to travel toTurkey for tourists and business travels. You can easily and quickly apply for an e- visa through our website. After our control of your application we will process your visa application. After we have received the approval from Turkey we will send the e-visa by mail or by post.
If you can not apply for an e-visa for Turkey then you should go to the Turkish Consulate to apply for a regular visa. Is your e-visa rejected and you are not going to work, live or study  in Turkye there may be other reasons why you have been denied. You can get more information via the Turkish Consulate.

It’s  required to carry some form of photographic ID:

       You should carry your passport and a printed copy of your e-visa or residence permit  at all times. In for example Istanbul the Turkish authorities are stopping members of the public to conduct ID checks.

Always a visa for Turkey

Turkey has  an e-  visa requirement. You can never enter Turkey without a visa . You must be in possession of a visa. You can travel to Turkey without a visa anyway but then your access can be denied. We do not recommend to travel without a visa to Turkey. Make sure you always  have an e- visa before you start your trip.

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